First Orange County eSports League has gamers competing from 25 high schools

Five students worked computers in a Mission Viejo High lab, rapidly clicking and typing, forming a strategy to push their champions forward on the playing field unfolding before them.

But before long, they were overpowered by a five-member Woodbridge High team, falling in a best-of-three format and posting their first loss in the new Orange County High School eSports League, which debuted Jan. 31.

Game and Grow – New High School Esports League in Orange County Launches January 31

Can esports help students succeed in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)? Local education leaders resoundingly say yes, as they collaborate on the new Orange County High School Esports League™ that has attracted 37 teams from 25 local high schools. While gameplay and rivalries are the cornerstones of the League, experts see an opportunity to weave STEM, English Language Arts (ELA), and social emotional learning into one of the most popular pastimes for students today.

Ready player one: Orange County High School Esports League to debut this week

Thirty-seven teams from 25 local high schools have signed on to be a part of the new Orange County High School Esports League, which begins its inaugural season on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

eSports It’s In the Game

In the advancing world of technology, video games have emerged into a new playing field. They have become a community for people to interact with one another, and are now ubiquitous. Whether it is playing as one’s favorite soccer team in Fifa 18 or combating ex-militants in order to save the world in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, new content is created by the hour for people to enjoy. In order to advance and encourage gamers to take part in competitive gaming, Samueli Academy has established an eSports team.

Mijares: OC’s new esports league looks to power up interest in STEM fields

There was a time when video game consoles were considered incompatible with academics, based on the belief that they distracted rather than stimulated young minds.

But many educators are now recognizing the potential of gaming to engage students in science, technology, engineering and math, otherwise known as the STEM fields, while introducing them to 21st-century careers. And that’s what’s driving the creation of the Orange County High School Esports League, which is set to power up in January.

UCI Esports Joins the Orange County High School Esports League

In early November, the Samueli Foundation launched the Orange County High School Esports League, a collaborative effort designed to encourage students’ interests, cultivate leadership and develop a greater community, all while promoting STEM learning and workforce opportunities.

Inaugural Esports League aims to boost STEM skills among OC high school students

A new league is set to debut in Orange County that will allow competitors to cast spells, collect gold and slay monsters.

The Orange County High School Esports League, launching in January, is aimed at connecting students’ interest in video games with the rapidly growing industry. At the same time, students will develop skills in problem-solving, teamwork and sportsmanship.