Connected Camps: How An Esports League Is Changing Learning After School


Competitive gaming, or esports, is considered by many to be the next big thing. With a global viewership of 292 million people in 2016 and global revenues of over $463 million the sport looks set to dominate the hearts and minds of many. But can the sport do more than entertain the gaming masses? Can it also be leveraged as a platform for youth engagement and mentorship around STEM interests and social emotional learning?

EduTalk Radio: Esports in Education…STEM


“In addition to Friday Night Lights, you need to know about E sports for your school , focusing on what Orange County CA has done with UC Irvine Professor of Informatics Constance Steinkueler, Gerald Solomon of the Samueli Foundation and also Head of School at Samueli Academy, Anthony Saba are my guests.”

SportTechie: Orange County High School Esports League Combines Education, Gaming

Esports are coming to colleges around the country with the creation of varsity programs and unofficial leagues. One of the collegiate leaders in esports is UC Irvine. It was one of the first colleges to have a varsity program and built the first esports arena on a college campus. UC Irvine’s influence in esports has trickled down to local high schools in Southern California with the formation of the Orange County High School Esports League.

GameCrate Interview: Constance Steinkuehler talks esports and education at UCI

The Orange County High School Esports League is more than just an e-sports opportunity for high school students. The league is also conducting research with the participants in order to connect their love of video games and e-sports with academic framework. Connecting e-sports with STEM fields is of utmost importance for University of California Irvine and the OC High School Esports League, and it’s an opportunity that hasn’t been explored by many.

GameCrate Interview: High school esports comes to life in Orange County’s Groundbreaking League

University of California Irvine and the Orange County Department of Education have paired up, along with numerous others, to bring e-sports to the high school level. In this groundbreaking new high school League of Legends league, around 400 students from approximately twenty-five different high schools will be competing from January to April in a structured competition.

OC students honing teamwork, problem-solving, communication skills in new e-sports league

Each of the five team members had their assignment. Two flanked the enemy from opposite sides. One served as a decoy. And the other two marched straight in for a direct attack.

First Orange County eSports League has gamers competing from 25 high schools

Five students worked computers in a Mission Viejo High lab, rapidly clicking and typing, forming a strategy to push their champions forward on the playing field unfolding before them.

But before long, they were overpowered by a five-member Woodbridge High team, falling in a best-of-three format and posting their first loss in the new Orange County High School eSports League, which debuted Jan. 31.

Game and Grow – New High School Esports League in Orange County Launches January 31

Can esports help students succeed in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)? Local education leaders resoundingly say yes, as they collaborate on the new Orange County High School Esports League™ that has attracted 37 teams from 25 local high schools. While gameplay and rivalries are the cornerstones of the League, experts see an opportunity to weave STEM, English Language Arts (ELA), and social emotional learning into one of the most popular pastimes for students today.

Ready player one: Orange County High School Esports League to debut this week

Thirty-seven teams from 25 local high schools have signed on to be a part of the new Orange County High School Esports League, which begins its inaugural season on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

eSports It’s In the Game

In the advancing world of technology, video games have emerged into a new playing field. They have become a community for people to interact with one another, and are now ubiquitous. Whether it is playing as one’s favorite soccer team in Fifa 18 or combating ex-militants in order to save the world in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, new content is created by the hour for people to enjoy. In order to advance and encourage gamers to take part in competitive gaming, Samueli Academy has established an eSports team.