Anthony Saba brings over 15 years of high school experience, both in the classroom and in school administration. After an extensive national search he was hired as Samueli Academy’s Head of School in July, 2012. “Anthony stood out among the many applicants for the position because of his passion for education and his proven experience as a leader,” says Bruce Fetter, Board Chairman of Orangewood Children’s Foundation. “Anthony’s enthusiasm and love of learning will be infectious and encourage the best in all students.”

Career success built on esports skills


Esports are not only extremely popular, they also provide an environment for learning critical skills for career success. Seem crazy?! Consider that Al Mijares, Ph.D., the Superintendent of Schools for all of Orange County, is encouraging students to join the Orange County High School Esports League. Education experts from UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, and Chapman University enthusiastically support the League and its educational potential.

Rift Round Up: Week 2

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, and we love heading into another Wednesday evening full of matches! But first, let’s quickly recap what came of Round 2.


Don’t waste your weekend! Join us for a series of workshops to improve your game, to learn about the behind-the-scenes work of esports, and to meet other high school esports players, in-person!

Rift Round Up: Week 1

The first week of our regular season is officially in the books! It’s been a wild week on Summoner’s Rift, but there’s no slowing down as we begin Round 2.

Esports & League of Legends 101

The Orange County High School Esports League is officially open, with teams of high school players competing in League of Legends matches. Fantastic, you say! But … esports? League of Legends?!

Have you seen the Orange County High School Esports Video?

We are excited to launch our new video about the Orange County High School Esports League featuring STEM professionals, researchers, team general manager, players and more!

Meet Dr. Amine Issa co-creator of Mobalytics and Esports Enthusiast

Dr. Amine Issa co-creator of Mobalytics, winner of TechCrunch’s 2016 Startup Battlefield. Born in Lebanon, Dr. Issa finished high school at 14, played video games professionally and even climbed Mount Everest for research. Today he’s found a way to marry his two passions – physiology and video games – to create a rewarding, challenging and unpredictable career.

Woodbridge High School Esports Club – Peripherals Contest Winner

To rally high schools clubs, players and teams in preparation for launch of the Orange County High School Esports League, we hosted an outreach contest for peripherals. Congratulations to the Woodbridge High School Club for being awarded the peripherals! Way to go!

Meet Dr. Jen Jen Chen, Pulmonologist & Esports Player

Dr. Chen is a Pediatric Pulmonologist at Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital Long Beach and recently graduated her fellowship just prior to starting the Academy.