The Orange County High School Esports League will provide the following at no cost to schools:

  • Structure for league and tournament play.
  • League of Legend Coaching Support from Connected Camps for up to 30 high school teams (application required and lottery, if necessary).
  • $1,000 stipend and training for high school Faculty Advisors (who is called a General Manager in the league).
  • Prizes for the top teams.

League Schedule

  • January 2018:  League launches
  • April 14-15, 2018:  Rounds of 16 and Quarterfinals
  • April 28, 2018:  Semifinals and Finals

High School Student Requirements and Eligibility

All high school students participating in the league must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for league play:

  • The high school student is currently enrolled in at least 20 semester units of work at the participating high school.
  • Any participating student must have earned a grade point average of 2.0 or better in all subjects during the previous grading period preceding his/her participation.
  • The student maintained satisfactory citizenship (no N or U) during previous grading period.
  • Students may not have any current disciplinary suspension from Riot-affiliated competitions. (Note to parents: Riot is the company that owns League of Legends.)
  • Players must have a League of Legends account in good standing and eligible for ranked games in order to compete. This same account must be used for the duration of the Orange County High School Esports League Season. Players may not change their Summoner name without permission during the competition.
  • Upon registration, all Players will have their League of Legends account reviewed to ensure that they uphold good conduct and sportsmanship in their games during the current school year. Players who do not do so may be subject to warnings or loss of eligibility at any point during the season.

High School Requirements

All high schools participating in the Orange County High School Esports League must meet the following requirements:

  • Dedicate a space for the team to practice face-to-face at least twice per week.
  • Make available 6 PCs meeting the minimum requirements to play League of Legends, the designated competitive game for the esports League for this competition.
  • Identify a Faculty Advisor (who is called a General Manager in the league) to organize and oversee the team.
  • Work with school and district IT personnel so that League of Legends and supporting esports websites and applications can be used.